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Spreading love, not Coronavirus...

At times like this it’s important to share the love with those who are closest to you.

If you have friends, family, or even clients who are self isolating, a small treat delivered to their door could make their day.

This is a lovely gesture for your loved ones, perhaps if you live quite far away from York, or if you’re self isolating too. 

I can deliver all over York for a small cost plus the cost of the treats which start at £10.00.

Payment to be made via PayPal or bank transfer to make the delivery hands free.

LS Cakery will be taking precautions too, we will drop the parcel off at the door and stand 2 meters away 


A selection of flavours to choose from, these hearty treats are the perfect way to let people know you're thinking about them.


£21.00 per box


Spread the love with a box of 12 luxurious cupcakes. A selection of flavours and designs are available.


£36.50 per box

LOVE Cakes

Imagine your loved ones face when they hear a knock at the door and receive a freshly baked selection of 4 LOVE cupcakes. A popular choice for LS Cakery home deliveries.


£14.00 per box

Biscuit Pops

Very popular with children, these biscuit pops are great for keeping the kids happy in isolation! Price is for 5 pops. 


£10.00 per box

Treat Box

Mix it up and treat yourself to an LS Cakery treat box containing, 2 brownies, 3 cupcakes and 4 cookies.


£15.00 per box

Mini Naked Cakes

4" mini naked wedding cake. Ideal for those who have had to postpone their wedding day. You'll get 2 cakes for £18.00


£18.00 for 2

Picnic Hampers

We have three fabulous hamper variations to choose from for 2-6 people!



Cupcake Mix

Delicious selection of 12 mixed flavoured cupcakes. 


£26.50 per box


From birthdays to anniversaries, LS Cakery can create a celebration cake which is bespoke to the occasion! 



Luxury Mini Cakes

For those who have had to postpone their wedding, these 4" cakes are the perfect treat. The price is £25.00 for 2 cakes, you can either get a his and hers, hers and hers or his and his


£30.00 for 2

Aero Bubbles

A taste sensation, enjoy a box of 12 Aero Bubbles cupcakes which are simply delicious! 


£26.50 per box

Lotus Love

Enjoy 4 sensational Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake tubs - the perfect after dinner treat!


£10.00 for 4

Kinder Cupcakes

Enjoy 12 beautiful, luxurious Kinder chocolate cupcakes.


You'll get 12 cupcakes for £30.00


£30.50 for 12

Bespoke Wedding Cakes & Sweet Treats in Yorkshire

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