Hi, I'm Lisha, it's lovely to meet you here online! I'm a big believer in the saying 'people buy people' and I think it's really important to get to know my clients and understand what it is they're looking for.


    LS.Cakery started as a hobby, which quickly became a passion and is now my pride and joy. 

My aim is to make you a beautiful, bespoke cake which tastes divine for any occasion required from my very own home here in York. 

As a child, I frequently baked with my Nana. My Grandma was also an amazing baker, so I always knew I’d take on the baking roll within the family.

I am self taught within this field purely through lots of practice and natural/inherited talent. I’ve always known I could bake but never realised it was ‘business worthy’ until my friends and family sampled what I made and encouraged me to just go for it – the rest is history! 

LS Cakery.JPG

I always use good quality ingredients within my bakes such as real butter and free range eggs. All flavours are achieved using ‘real’ ingredients, not flavourings. I love to make my own caramel sauce, lemon curds and any other cake fillings.

Any special dietary requirements; gluten free, dairy free and vegan are catered for upon request.

I currently make cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, macaroons, cookies (including giant cookies), brownies, truffles and chocolates. 

I make seasonal bakes which can range hugely across the year, from Halloween themed cupcakes to Christmas hampers which can be given as the perfect Christmas gift. 

I take pride in being a perfectionist, ensuring no bake leaves until I am 100% happy knowing you are receiving the best product I can offer.

Lisha x