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Dessert Table 

A tasty and sociable addition to any wedding 

I can provide a dessert table to feed as many or as little as you like!

All of the desserts are home baked here at LS Cakery and they're incredibly popular with your guests. 


Desserts can include:

Cake Pops

Vanilla sponge encases in white chocolate, dusted in metallics

£27.00 for 12 Pops displayed in 2 glass bottles


Cake Pop Forks

Vanilla sponge encased in white chocolate with gold or silver mini forks and edible sequins

£30.00 for 12 Pop Forks


Sponge cakes available in various flavours decorated to compliment your wedding style

From £36.00 for 12 Cupcakes 

Baby Cakes

Mini sponge or fruit cakes, iced and decorated to coordinate with your main cake

£60.00 for 6 Baby Cakes

Baby Naked Cakes

Naked mini sponge cakes, layered with buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers and fruit

£75.00 for 10 Baby Naked Cakes

Iced Biscuits

Vanilla or lemon ices biscuits decorated to coordinate with your main cake

From £40.00 for 20 Iced Biscuits 

Meringue Kisses

Light vanilla mini Meringues coloured to match your wedding scheme

£30.00 for 3 small glass bowls of Kisses

Mini Donuts

Mini bite-sizes iced cinnamon donuts 

£30.00 for 35 Donuts

"I cannot speak highly enough about Lisha, our wedding cake looked and tasted amazing. So many people commented on how lovely the cake looked so I 1000% recommend LS Cakery!" 


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